There is no secret about hair care

You misunderstand your hair and its care by some advertisements. However, once you know the truth about your hair, all of the so called hair beauty secrets will be uncovered.It is said that hair will be permanently altered by applying to some new discovered commercial potion.ghd nz Well, I should say you are totally wrong. The truth is that hair is only alive at its base below the surface of the scalp. It is the same with our finger nail. Hair can be clipped shorter and discarded while it is dead. Thus, here comes to the key point. How to keep our hair stronger, healthier and shinier?To begin with, we should create a healthy environment for our hair. Our hair can be influenced by some bad environments, such as dust, bad flavor and so on. Do stay away from bad environment as much as possible. Besides, we should keep our hair clean. Wash your hair regularly.ghd straighteners It is good to wash your hair once in three days. And you should choose the right shampoo according to your personal hair quality. The last but not the least, have a healthy diet.  Since hair in its basic form is % keratin (protein), our diets should consist of a good balance of easily digested protein, i.e. - dairy products, poultry and meat. For those of us who are vegans, good protein alternatives are nuts, beans and the old stand-by - peanut butter.